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  • Jan 13

    Welcome back. Welcome home.


    In September 2005, after a century of ministry and decades of sleeping, the ancient, sacred building called Morse Church was resurrected by the grace of God and through the determination of a committed body of believers…

    Morse Church remains firmly committed to building loving, authentic relationships and presenting the truth in clear, direct terms.

    If you understand the beauty of simplicity, if you value authenticity, if you feel the tug of Jesus Christ on your heart and are seeking a church home that’s also a family, come experience the Abundant Life with our loving, growing congregation.

    Last year, our Senior Pastor, Dave Stanley was installed by the Midwest Covenant Superintendent, Tammy Swanson-Draheim.  Dave has a Master of Divinity degree from Central Baptist Theological Seminary and is licensed by the Evangelical Covenant Church.  He also serves as the Executive Director for the inner-city youth ministry, KICK Ministries, that he and his wife started almost ten years ago.  If you would like to contact Dave, call (913) 302-1321.


    On Sunday, April 20, we will celebrate Resurrection Sunday (Easter).  We will have a potluck brunch served at 9am followed by the service at 9:30am.  Please join us as we sing, pray, and consider what the resurrection of Christ means for us today.

  • Jun 17

    Events at Morse Church

    Available for Rent

    Our church is available to rent for evening services and/or office space. We have a beautiful historic main chapel building that includes professional audio visual equipment. The other buildings that are also available are the ‘parsonage’ house next door and the youth building which is a renovated garage space. This building also includes an office. The rent is negotiable.

    These facilities are also available to rent on a per day basis for weddings or special events.

    For more info, please call the pastor, Dave Stanley at (913) 302-1321.

    Upcoming Schedule:


    Easter Service and Brunch:  We will have a potluck brunch served at 9am followed by the Easter Service at 9:30am.  Please join us!


  • 15431 Quivira Rd., Overland Park, KS


    9:30 am Music in contemporary arrangements; relevant talks; Holy Communion. (includes care for young children)


    6:30 pm  TeenConnect



    15431 Quivira Road
    Overland Park, KS 66221

    Contact Us:
    (913) 302-1321


9:30 am
Once per month in the parsonage
Bi-weekly on Tuesdays and Saturdays
(913) 302-1321
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Service Times & Directions

Sunday Morning Service Times

8:15 a.m. Traditional Carols & Holy Communion

9:45 a.m. Music in Contemporary Arrangements; Relevant Talks; Holy Communion

The 1st century welcomed all ages into worship services. We follow this practice at Morse Church. However, as a convenience, we offer safe, fun, instructive, and loving care for children up to kindergarten age.

Join Us

15431 Quivira Road
Overland Park, KS 66221