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Why plant a new church in Johnson County, Kansas?

Sadly – and somewhat surprisingly – most people who live in Johnson County, Kansas, do not attend church at all. The population of the county is 465,058 with an annual growth rate of 3.1%, meaning nearly 14,000 new people are arriving in Johnson County every year . Currently (9/2005), 229,211 people are members in one of the 237 Christian churches in Johnson County. Therefore, 51% of the county’s population – nearly a quarter of a million people – is unchurched. Nearly all live within a 22-minute drive time of the intersection of 135th and Antioch.

The churches that currently exist in Johnson County are unlikely to penetrate the unchurched population because they do not target it. Most of the existing churches specialize in ministry designed to reach married people with kids. Thanks be to God that since 1990, ten mega churches (greater than 2000 in weekly attendance) have been developed in Johnson County, joining the 10 that already existed. These churches invest the lion’s share of their budgets on facilities and on staff to conduct programs for families (parents and kids). During that same period, the number of adults who do not attend church has nearly doubled.

Men dominate the ranks of the unchurched. Although they comprise slightly less than half of the national population, men constitute 55% of the unchurched. The unchurched are also younger than the norm. The median age of U.S. adults is 43, but it is just 32 among the unchurched. Unchurched people are more likely to be single and to never have been married.

A great deal of research has been done over the last 10 years to determine what methods of evangelization are most fruitful. Dollar for dollar, minute for minute, church planting is by far the most efficient way to reach unchurched adults in an area. Though the reasons are varied, nearly all existing churches experience a dramatic decrease in evangelistic growth after their first decade. Thus nearly all church growth in a congregation older than 10 years happens through transfer. Therefore, to reach the unchurched in Johnson County, a church must target younger people, singles, or people who do not have children.

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